Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crafty Ambitions

I have grand plans.
I always do.

I want to create, sew, knit, cook everything i love. Starting slowly.
I recently made myself the cutest handbag. I used a free pattern i found online Buttercup Bag.

On the inside is cloud fabric, outside is a cute fabric that reminds me of jellybeans. Its the perfect size for my phone, wallet, keys and tissues. I can still fit more in, but not alot. It is about twice the size of the bag i have been using. A wristlet made using this tutorial although i didnt make it patchwork like this one. 
The fabric used is in strips. I thought it would be an easy approach to get a similar look.

The pattern was very good. I only had a few issues. Mainly with my lack of experience or lack of explanation. One issue was when my friend and I tried to work out how to attach the metal clips. There was intense debate about the direction of the prongs, it turns out... blog world seems to be divided on the issue and its just for preference.

Outside. Didn't do the button detail. Couldn't find any to match.  

 Inside. Love how bright/unexpected the inside is.

Also I made the strap longer, i didnt want it sitting in my armpit like it looked it would be when i tested it.
Excuse the crappy photos. Each time i get a moment to take photos, its night time. The colours are brighter in real life.

I suggest if you make it, you use heavier fabric then just quilting fabric. I think i should have put interfacing on it, although when i bought new interfacing the other day, it didnt seem very stiff at all.

Magnet Closures : Turns out the reason people prefer to poke the prongs in is because it stops the chance of them rubbing on the fabric to wear it out. Also, i found a tip to cover the backside of the closure with felt to protect the outer fabric from rubbing. I dont notice it in the final product, but its nice to know i could have extended the lifetime of my bag. 

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