Monday, July 25, 2011

Geometry Toy For A Toddler (Easy!)

I remember when i was young playing with a Geoboard. I used to love it.
So simple to create the shapes and always straight lines. Predictible but creative at the same time.
I was looking for something to make for Munch when i remembered the Geoboard.

Off to Bunnings. As well as everything else we bought (sometimes i feel like our paycheck should go straight to Bunnings) we picked up roughly a 2inch thick peice of wood, nails and a packet of elastic bands.
When we got home i used my quilting ruler to easily measure and mark 1inch square blocks. My husband cut the wood to the right size and sanded the edge he cut.

He then knocked nails into each junction on my pencil lines.
Once they were all in, the perfectionist side of my husband came out. He put the leftover wood on top and knocked on it with a hammer to make all the nails at roughly the same height.

While that was happening, Munch was doing some work of his own. 

Then off inside to play with it. 

I started by popping a few on to show Munch what you could do with it. He soon caught on and was easily able to put the elastic bands over the nails he desired.

For some reason, I find a pile of elastic bands so interesting. Maybe because they have so much potential?

Such co-ordination. (For some reason, i have tried uploading this photo 3 times, but its still not right, pretty annoying!)

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