Saturday, February 12, 2011

About Me

I am a stay at home mother to a 3 year old boy. We recieved a phone call yesterday (while op-shopping) to give us some good news.
He has been given a place at the preschool i had wanted him to go to. I put him on a waiting list last week and he was 7th. Luckily (for us, not for the other family i guess) they decided a child wasnt ready for preschool so my son was bumped up the list and offered the place. They have had two beginner sessions already and Munch will start on Monday.
We found out Friday afternoon, he starts on Monday afternoon.

He is incredibly ready for preschool. Ready for new experiences and socialisation. I know he will thrive with this.
Am I ready? Heck no! I know he is growing up, but he is still my little Munchkin.
I don't drive so we will catch the bus/train. Its not really a long trip, 20mins in total. Bus from right outside our house to train station right near the preschool. I need to step up my game! I'm almost there, just need to perfect my techniques.

My husband is a shift worker. He has just started a fitness kick. He is so happy with his decision and im happy for him. Im starting to think, once i see his results, i will be motovated to join in too.

I love crafts. It helps me feel usefull and like i am making a difference. I knit, crochet and sew. I sometimes dabble in painting. Have also done beading and scrapbooking in the past.
It feels so satisfying to see Munch running around in a top that i have personalised.

What will i post here? Only time will tell.

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